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XBAR Flybarless System

General Info

Single piece unit (34x29x14mm)
Nitro and Electric
Latest gyro technology
Vibration insensitive

Easy to setup wizard trough PC software
Advanced panel for Expert fine tuning
Supports for separate receiver, Futaba S-Bus, Double Spektrum Satellites DSM2, DSMX)
Support up to 560 Hz cyclic servos
Support for 560 Hz 760µs Tail Servos

3 Different flight modes switchable from tx (all flight parameters available in each flight mode)
Autostabilization functions
Front power bus integrated (8,4 Volts)
Online firmware updateable
Flight mode status led
Onboard mini usb connector

More Informations
XP450S Helicopter RTF

General Info

XP450S-PRO-V2 RTF (ready to fly) with Brushless Motor 3500KV and ESC XP4044 40A
Radio XP-7X 2.4GHz 7CH + rx 7CH
Gyro XP611 dual rate "Heading Lock" + Servo N590
N. 3 Swashplate Digital Servos 9G
N.1 Tail Digital Servo 25G
Lipo Battery 2200 mAh
Lipo Charger with Balancer
Carbon blades

Technical Data:
Length: 710 mm
Height: 225 mm
Main rotor diameter: 705 mm
Tail rotor diameter: 150 mm
Main rotor blade length: 325 mm
Main drive gear: 150T
Motor drive gear: 13T
Drive gear ratio: 1:11.5:4.24
Power battery: 11.1V 2200 mAh
Transmitter: 7channel
ESC: XP4044 40A
Motor: XP4043 3500KV

More Informations
Radio 7CH XP-7X-II

General Info

LED display, Show model type and battery voltage on normal status.
5 Model parameters store supported.
Support 5 point throttle (THR) curve on NORMAL model and IDLE mode.
Support 5 point pitch (THR) curve on NORMAL model, IDLE mode and HOLD mode.
Support HELI (helicopter) mode and AERO mode. Following mode is supported in each mode:

HP1: Normal helicopter with n.1 servo
HP2: Swash helicopter with n.2 servo
HP3: CCPM 120°Swash helicopter with n.3 servo

AP: Normal aero plane
VP: V-Tail plane
DP: Delta Wing plane

7 Channel standard servo signal output
Set reverse (REV), sub trim (SUB) and travel by LED and button.
Dual rate (DR) control supported.
Gyro sensitivity adjust supported.
Return to battery voltage display after no operation till 30 seconds.
Beep when battery voltage low than 8.6V (Once per second).