Company Outline

Thanks to the newest technologies, Xperience3D designs and manufactures high performing helicopters and spare parts. Xperience3D uses only selected composite materials and high resistant alloys. All components are projected by means of the most innovative 3D CAD software and checked by FEA (finish element analysis). Our production process is carried out by modern and precise CNC machines. All composite materials (both glass and carbon fiber) are provided with aeronautic certifications, that leads to the employment of the best quality polymers and fibres only. We are proud to announce that all Xperience3D upgrades are designed by Italian engineers and are manufactured in Italian labs.

Xperience3D doesn't trade/sell directly to end customers.
Xperience3D sale is carried out by the International Resale Network of Biz Model Distribution S.r.l.

Xperience3D Team.